Online Guitar Lessons: your First Decision

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Luis BONVIN asked:

So, you’re looking for online guitar lessons. Or maybe you’re just starting to learn how to play guitar. Because you want to learn to play the guitar.

Now, where will you start?

And, still more important, what do you want to achieve?

That must be your first decision, as depending on your goals, there must seek for different types of online guitar lessons, and there are different ways to approach them.

- Do you just want to strum the chords a song when you’re hanging out with your friends?

You will need to learn any more than basic chords and some strumming patterns.

- Do you want, perhaps, to play some simple charming melodies you always likes?

You will need to learn how to read guitar tabs, and choose and learn your plucking style.

- Do you want to play a better style, but just for yourself?

Then you will need to learn how to read guitar notes and guitar sheet music, and learn some more elaborated fingerstyle skills.

- Do you want to play the music you love most, and play it like a pro?

Here’s where you’ll get the most joy out of your guitar playing. You’ll need more advanced knowledge on sheet music reading, and top guitar playing techniques. And much, much more practice. A lot of daily practice. But I grant you that you’ll never regret it.

Now, it would be quite good to have your interests very clear from the beginning, but, if you don´t yet have it clear, here’s my recommendation:

- Start learning how to read a tab, practice some easy fingerstyle exercises and then move,slowly, to some easy tunes. Thus, you’ll gain some control over the instrument, and you will also develop some skills with your left and right hands.

- At the same time, you can learn (guitar tabs reading will help a lot) some basic guitar chords, and some simple strumming patterns. That will nicely complement your fingerstyle skills.

- Then you’ll move to sheet music reading and more rewarding guitar playing techniques.

- Finally, you’ll have to climb to the top performing skills.

All steps require a lot of practice. Believe me, there’s no shortcut here.

Besides, not all step goals can be achieved without the coaching of a guitar teacher.

But don’t despair.Finally, it won’t be so hard!

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