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Ricky Sharples asked:

The classical guitar is the prototype acoustic guitar. It’s the model all other acoustic guitars are based on. The difference is the classical guitar usually has a much wider fretboard and uses nylon instead of steel strings. Also strumming the strings does not feature heavily in classical guitar. It’s usually plucked.

The first few lessons in your classical guitar course will probably center around your posture and how you hold the guitar. You will be shown how to move your fingers, thumb and forearms economically. You’re probably familiar with the distinctive upright posture of the classical guitar player with his foot on the stool. You will learn to play the guitar with the instrument balanced on your left thigh and held against your chest.

After learning the rudiments of music you will probably begin to play simple pieces. These short, simple pieces of music are designed to get you accustomed to playing the instrument. As your technique progresses the pieces you learn will be more complex and you will begin to appreciate the harmonic possibilities of the classical guitar.

As well as playing music on the classical guitar you will be told how to string it and how to tune it. As your classical guitar technique progresses you will be faced with the question of whether to be a nail player or a flesh player. Some classical guitarists grow the nails on their right hand to pluck the strings. Others use the flesh of their right hand fingertips. There is no right way to do it, it’s just your choice between two distinctive sounds. At first you might think it’s easier to play using the nails but, as with all physical skills, once you have chosen one way to play, after practice it will be second nature.

Even though practically any piece that you could name is available in guitar tab format, if you take classical guitar lessons it will be understood that you will be learning to read conventional music notation. No classical guitar teacher is going to let you off that. You will learn about time signatures, half notes, whole notes, scales and accidental notes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about your head is probably swimming already, but don’t worry, it’s easier to do than it is to think about.

With online classical guitar lessons the process is simple – you log in, if you view the lessons and if you have any questions you can get help on the site’s forum or by e-mail. There are other ways of learning to play the classical guitar but if you join a membership site that features online lessons you have the advantage of the teaching material being constantly updated.

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