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If you want to do anything in life, the best way to do it is to find someone who has already done it before you, then model off of them.

Doing this increases your chances of success exponentially, and especially so when it comes to learning the guitar.

You see, if you go down the traditional road, of finding a guitar class or teacher, chances are your learning speed will be slowed dramatically…

Why you ask?

Because you can only learn at the speed at which they can teach, and often they aren’t as good as you think that they are.

You also have to ask yourself, why are they teaching you? Is it because they just enjoy teaching you how to play the guitar? Or more realistically it is because they are running a business and need to earn a living. But what does this mean to you?

It means they have a set program that they run their ‘students’ through that takes them from A to Z, and they’ve set it at that pace, so that they can extract the maximum return from you, from a monetary point of view.

Now, this might sound a little cynical, and sorry it if is, but GENERALLY, that is the truth, that is how the world works.

You CAN find those rare gems of the human race that will teach you, and do it purely because they love what they do, they either have a lot of money themselves, or don’t need the money for whatever reason.

If you can find someone like this, learn from them, because they will teach you everything that they know, at YOUR pace, not theirs… because they don’t have a hidden agenda.

Where do you find someone to model off?

Ok, there are a few ways to go about this. Obviously the best way to go about doing it is to actually find someone who is in a band that does incredibly well (the more famous the better).

This is rare to find these kinds of people, sometimes you can find someone who is retired, and is looking for a ‘protégé’, who is willing to put the time and effort if they believe in you. And if you manage to find yourself someone like this, then you better do what they say, when they say it.

You have been given an incredible opportunity.

Now, with the advent of the internet, information is king. And with that, there are lead guitarists from around the world, releasing their programs on how to play the guitar just like them.

Some of these programs really are a joke, but there are some that are absolutely incredible.

They can take you from amateur guitarist, to full on pro in an extremely short period of time. And the best part, is that you can go at your own pace, you are not limited by someone who doesn’t know how to teach you faster.

Bottom line, the courses that these high profile guitarists are releasing is probably going to be your best bet for modeling off excellence. It gets you access to their information, while still maintaining your independence, and self learning speed.

By: Marc Lindsay

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