How to Stay Concentrated When Following Online Guitar Lessons for Novices

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Peter Webber asked:

Going it alone with studying the guitar is rewarding, saves you the money you’d otherwise spend on a teacher and doesn’t tie you down to a timescale set by someone else.

As long as you can remain concentrated that is. We don’t all have the self discipline to follow a self study course all the way through and may even be better off going to a teacher who sees our progression each week and keeps us on track.

I sure enough feel it tough enough and so I’ve come up with three sure fire ways to keep up that momentum and stay driven. They work well for me and if you need to learn to play guitar and keep some money in your pocket then read on:

1. Present yourself timescales and deadlines to work to. For example order yourself that you intend to be able to play that song all the way through, or the main verse, or the chorus, or that solo by the end of the week. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t fulfill the deadline but still give yourself a reason to exercise a particular amount every day until this goal is met – then move onto another.

2. Practice your musical scales, arpeggios, chord progressions and exercises first then play the song you’re on afterward followed by some messing about. It can get dull practicing those all fundamental exercises and very tempting to just skip them and go onto the fun part. Treat them like the green veggies you never wanted to eat up as a kid but had to if you wanted some of that nice sweet later on.

3. Follow your guitar heroes on video sites like Youtube, get day by day inspiration and also observe the song you’re exercising on being played. It can get isolated and demoralizing when you’re evolving your skills so watch your guitar idols and remember that they were where you are now and got to where they are by continuing on.

These 3 methods are what keep me focused and building up my guitar skills when I could quite easily just stop exercising those tedious musical scales and go and do something more fun. A programme and some direction will get you through the tough times and see you playing like a pro possibly even faster than if you had paid out for a teacher.

Keep your eye on the prize, set true to life goals, stay inspired and you will get there.


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