How Steve Vai Guitar Lessons Help Beginner Guitarists

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As a Steve Vai fan, I can only dream of playing like him one day but as it happens I only manage a few short chords at quick-time speed. His guitar playing is nothing short of astounding and is still revered for being one of the most original musicians and inspiring creative artists.

It comes as no surprise then that there are a massive amount of resources available for Steve Vai guitar lessons, as well as other lessons from famous rock musicians, offering people the chance to learn some complicated strumming techniques. These are something that will come useful for people trying to find their own style of playing, however, the idea is to become inspired by the guitar playing rather than mimicking a great guitarist. When taking the guitar lessons one will need to stay patient with themselves as it requires plenty of practising and a lot of time with your guitar.

Official Steve Vai guitar lessons can either be found online, on DVD or in music book shops, which can help those with minimal funding to learn in their own time. But you do not always have to stick to learning to play like Steve Vai, you will also stumble across guitar lessons in the style of other great guitarists, such Santana, Joe Satriani and many more. Learning popular music is the best way for a beginner to improve their guitar playing skills.

The idea is to gain as much confidence on the guitar as you can so you move away from the trepid finger work and uncomfortable hand positions on the neck of the guitar. As many people do not have 10 hours a day of guitar playing time, there is little you can do in developing as quickly as you would like. Therefore, it is best to pace it at your level. Try not to be too hasty in trying to learn something. The best way to start is to pick your favourite Steve Vai tune and practise that until you get good at it.

You can take breaks in between by practising something but not for too long as you will want to go back to that at a later point. However, one advantage of taking a break from practising the same tune is that when you go back to it you will be familiar with the way you play it that it becomes easier and you will even strumming faster than you did before. The guitar lessons will help you on your to playing your favourite tunes, but will also specifically teach you Steve Vai plays. These techniques will come useful when playing solo or in a band.

It is worth gaining some insight into where these techniques were inspired so then you can broaden your playing choices and get a better knowledge of why people play the way they do.

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