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The ability play a musical instrument is a valuable skill not just for your own enjoyment but also for your friends and family – you can provide the entertainment at parties or you can just jam with your friends who play other instruments. The guitar is great as it does not need the backing of other instruments to make it sound impressive.

This begs the question – what is the best way to learn how to play the guitar? There are a number of options here ranging from group guitar lessons, private one-to-one tuition, to learning how to play online.

Group guitar lessons are great for people who are serious about learning to play the guitar the traditional way by learning all of the notes and chords first and then combining that knowledge to play individual songs. These classes may be available through your local school or community centre. However, the drawback of group guitar lessons is that you may not get the opportunity to learn all the songs that YOU love as the teacher may select the songs on the course, or the songs may be chosen by the class as a whole. Fees for group guitar lessons are normally charged per class, making it an expensive method of learning to play the guitar.

One-to-one tuition may be better than group guitar lessons as you get more focused classes – you can have any questions answered there and then, and the teacher is better able to correct any mistakes you may be making. You may progress more quickly as the classes are totally focused on you and not on a number of students. However, this method of learning may not suit students with busy lifestyles, who may not be available for the same time slot every week. Also, some private instructors do not offer time slots after 6pm or 7pm, making it difficult

for those in full-time employment to secure classes. Private tuition is more expensive than group guitar lessons making it the most expensive way to learn how to play the guitar.

Learning to play online is a great alternative to private lessons. With online lessons you can take classes wherever and whenever it suits you. You can repeat individual lessons as many times as you like with no extra cost. Online lessons are not timed. If you go for private tuition you are usually paying for one-hour lessons, but online you can spend as much time as you like mastering a particular technique or song. Online lessons would suit nervous musicians who want to learn how to play without someone watching over them. Online music lessons are also a lot cheaper than formal lessons. Lots of websites offer a great education for a small one-off fee as opposed to weekly fees paid to a tutor.

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