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ClaudeJohnson asked:

Learning to play the guitar is a challenging but rewarding pursuit, demanding practice and determination over a number of years to play to standard. For many, playing the guitar is out of reach, as the simply lack the time necessary to learn to play.

Learning guitar chords is like learning how to speak a language. Once you learn how to play guitar chords you will be able to pick up any song book and play songs as you read them. Basically, you learn how to play guitar in two ways: when you practice, and when you noodle and try out new ideas. Getting information into your brain from every angle is the best way to succeed at learning how to play guitar chords in the shortest amount of time.

Learning guitar music with a teacher in a lesson is not the only way to learn how to play guitar music anymore. You can find special training systems with video lessons and special software in the internet. Fortunately, this is now changing, thanks to the Internet, and the availability of guitar lessons online.

But how easy is it to learn guitar online, and is it as effective as face-to-face tuition?

Traditionally, guitar tuition has been conducted through direct one on one correspondence, or in a group scenario, which has been thought to provide the optimum level of interaction necessary to perfect technique. Alternatively many people learning the guitar have taken to self-teaching methods, through a book or self-teaching course, and this too works well for some people, albeit results tend to take longer to show. The Internet, as a teaching platform, provides a hybrid of these two methods, with the visual and aural tuition of an instructor, and the flexibility and affordability of a book. Usually in the form of videos, online guitar lessons aim to actually show students what to do and how to do it – if you don’t pick it up, simply replay the video until you do. This is beneficial in as far as flexibility is concerned, and indeed in terms of money. If you find yourself sticking at a particular point, it’s easy to replay the video to get over that hurdle.

However, online guitar lessons lack the direct correction of a tutor. If you’re not succeeding, there’s no one over your shoulder to tell you why. It’s up to you to take the initiative and work out where you’re going wrong. On the plus side, the minimal cost and flexibility will save you time and money in the long run, so the lack of correction may not be so much of a deterrent. Online guitar tuition is an increasingly popular way to pick up the instrument, and to learn how to play competently.

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