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richard zook asked:

If you could order your computer guitar lessons tailor made, what would you request? It might help to think about the basic requirements of computer guitar lessons. Basically your lessons need to show you how to hold and play the guitar, how to read guitar tabs, sheet music or both, and some way of checking your progress. So let us look at a computer guitar lessons.

Finally take guitar lessons at home and learn at your own pace. The auther of jamorama computer guitar lessons is Ben Edwords. He holds a BS in education and claims a real passion for both teaching and the guitar. He is a former lead guitarist for a internationally touring band. He has developed what many say is the best guitar course on the market.

The amount of information included in this course is amazing, included are 148 video lessons, hundreds of audio lessons, tabs, illustrations and printed lessons. The course includeds online software applications that teach the student to read music and tune their guitar. Another online application trains the student to recognize the notes  by using an audio game type software. Also included in the course is an online metronome which assists the student in keeping tempo.

It is important to remember that a guitar tutar is getting paid by the session so the longer he can string out the course the more sessions he is going to get paid. With guitar instruction software you get the same level of training and ability to learn and master the guitar but you pay a lower fixed price to learn to play guitar online and then can learn at your pace. Now you don’t have to pay for lesson after lesson.

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