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Spend this summer learning to play guitar…and go back to school in the Fall as a guitar God!

supercoolguitar2All the over analyzing that goes on about learning the guitar is so unnecessary – it’s not like, rocket science – it’s just GUITAR! I’ve been looking at what people are saying about this guitar course on DVDs because it may be better for some folks. Better than online guitar lessons, I mean. You know, waiting for a video to play, trying to rewind and stuff gets old. Some of the online lessons can be downloaded, sure. But they don’t always have the sequence or order specified really well.

So, I am thinking DVDs for learning to play the guitar are a good choice. Looks like this course by Steve Krenz is pretty well done. They have like an actual lesson plan, dude! Easy-to-follow instructions and there are extra CDs for the jam-along (where you play with a band, which is super cool). And you can take DVDs and play them in more places (not needing to be on the internet for practicing).

419umov06plSo, this course makes it straightforward and I thought I would show you some of the stuff they sell in the package. See, below is the box, a book, DVDs and CDs – Lots of stuff! You can learn acoustic or electric (or jazz or other styles of music with this course).


Anyway, it looks really professional and the guy who teaches it is really good. So, I’m not going to rewrite the whole thing about this ’cause there are a ton of people that like it and have written better reviews than I can. So, go read this one on a blog - it’s good: Learn and Master Guitar Review or this one (also a good one): Learn and Master Guitar.

So, now you know, you don’t have to be a genius to play the guitar (I’ve just shattered so many egos!). You just have to WANT to play and then practice…(and practice, and practice…)

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